Thursday, 17 December 2015

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf - The Importance of Education and Working Hard

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dental professional who spent a great deal of time in the field before retiring in 2004. He owned and operated his own private practice in Toronto, Canada where he helped numerous patients with their dental needs. Although he has retired from his successful career, he has still managed to keep himself busy through regular exercise and through smart investing decisions within the stock market. He has become somewhat of an amateur expert when it comes to investing in the stock market, and is always willing to offer his friends advice in the field. Leslie believes that his success in and out of the dental professional is due to his commitment to hard work and his education.

Dr Leslie Griesdorf

An undergraduate and graduate education is becoming more and more popular amongst younger professionals as they enter the work force. In this day and age, it is difficult to pursue a worthwhile career with out at least an undergraduate degree in a specific field. Only a few short years ago, students who graduated from a university with just an undergraduate degree could easily find a job almost immediately after school. However, now it is becoming more common to get a graduate level education before enter the work force. As more people attend college after high school, undergraduate level degrees aren’t the cherished commodity that they once were. Dr. Leslie Griesdorf believes that he achieved the level of success he did due to his hard work, and his dedication to his education.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf believes that a solid education is the key to professional success in the future. If recent high school graduates have the means, they should at least obtain an undergraduate degree in order to maximize their chances for a brighter future.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf - The Importance of Good Client Service

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is currently a retired dentistry professional who specialized in a variety of dental and oral hygiene services. He is an extremely well rounded person who has a genuine interest in a number of things including karate, the stock market, and regular exercise. Although he retired from the dental professional in 2004, he was very well respected amongst other professional in his industry. He owned and operated a private practice in Toronto, Canada where he helped numerous patients on a daily basis. He was a proud member of both the Ontario Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association before his retirement. The key to his success, he believes, is the excellent service he provided to all his patients.

Dr Leslie Griesdorf

Customer and client satisfaction is important in any industry, but it is especially important in the medical world. Reputations in the medical world are built purely on patients’ experiences; if someone has a positive experience at a doctor’s office or dental office, they are going to recommend their doctors to their friends and family. Dr. Leslie Griesdorf always made it a point to take care of his patients’ needs to the best of his ability. Whether it was a regular dental check-up, or an extensive oral surgery, he made sure his patients felt taken care of. In this day and age where modern technology runs much of our daily lives, one bad experience a patient has can easily be posted on any of the numerous review websites people use to find medical professionals. One bad review can ruin a doctor’s reputation, which means that they need to offer their clients the best service they possibly can.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf was committed to providing his patients with the service they expected from their dental professional.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf - The Importance of Diversification in the Stock Market

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is an expert when it comes to investing in the stock market. He has been making successful investments in the market since he retired from the field of dentistry in 2004. He operated his own private practice in Toronto, Canada where he helped his patients through oral surgery and other dentistry needs. However, he enjoys the free time that investing in the stock market allows him as he is able to spend more quality time with his friends and loved ones. His experience in investing makes him the go-to expert amongst his family and friends, and he always tells them to diversify. 

When someone first starts investing in the stock market, they often make mistakes that can’t be foreseen without the necessary experience in the field. One major thing beginners often overlook when beginning their portfolios is to diversify. People tend to invest in one field, which makes sense if you have useful knowledge in said field, but it won’t make you as much money as investing in a wide range of corporations. Research plays a major role in the investment world; research allows you to invest in any field even if you don’t have experience in those fields specifically. Dr. Leslie Griesdorf always tries to invest in companies that offer services in a number of fields so that he can maximize is return potential. He also tells his family and friends to always invest on your own. Hiring a professional company or individual will cost you money and ultimately dwindle your returns.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is an expert when it comes to investing in the stock market, and he enjoys the success he has gained all on his own. He is always willing to help people in need of investment advice.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf - Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy and Clean

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf was a dedicated professional who worked in the field of dentistry and oral surgery for a number of years. He owned and operated his own private practice in Toronto, Canada for many years, and he enjoyed helping his community whenever he could. He was a proud member of the Ontario Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association before his retirement in 2004. Although he knew he would miss his successful career in the dentistry field, he was ready to spend more time with his friends and family than in his dental office. Now, not only does he spend a great deal of time with his family, but he also is a successful investor through the stock market.
Dr Leslie Griesdorf
Dr Leslie Griesdorf
 Although he no longer works in the dental field, Dr. Leslie Griesdorf still likes to help people with their dentistry related questions whenever he can. He has a number of useful tips that he always made sure his patients knew when he was working in the field, and they can help keep your teeth healthy for the foreseeable future. One of the most important tips he can provide people is to always brush your teeth twice a day, if not more. Ideally, a person should brush their teeth after every meal, but this isn’t also a feasible act. Regular flossing will also help keep a person’s teeth clean, as well as their gums strong in order to fight of infections.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf was a dedicated professional in the world of dentistry. His patients trusted him to not only provide them with the best oral care in the area, but also to provide them with lasting tips that would help keep them healthy for the future; his advice has helped many with their oral hygiene.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


As a doctor, you get to meet all manner of patients during consultations and treatment appointments. In order to ensure you deliver the best service, you have to be accommodating to every type of individual that walks into your office. Some will be nice and warm to deal with, while other patients will be difficult to reason with. According to retired dentist Dr. Leslie Griesdorf, you require more than just a friendly smile to survive.

Dr Leslie GriesdorfCommunication skills
A large aspect of the job requires communicating with patients, which means your communication skills have to be on point. Listening and knowing when to respond are key skills to have. Recognize that you will require more patience with some patients than with others, and you may have to give more time to certain personalities than others.

Emotional control
Doctors are human beings, and it’s natural to get frustrated or get into an argument to prove your point. As a doctor, you don’t argue with patients but rather show that you are there to help. Patients want to feel understood as it helps them keep their emotions in check.

Make it clear to patients at the beginning what is acceptable behavior/talk and what isn’t. This helps create boundaries and establish consistency in the way you handle patients. Boundaries help aid reasoning processes and diffuse difficult situations before they blow out of proportion.

Last chance
When patients prove too difficult to handle, it might be best to have a third party act as the go-between. Other than cutting ties with the patient, this is the only way to salvage the doctor-patient relationship.
Dr. Leslie Griesdorf was a caring dentist who always worked at creating good rapport with his clients and dental practice staff.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


A decade or so ago, stockbrokers were the only avenue for trading in stocks. These knowledgeable men and women would be responsible for taking orders, scanning the market, and handling the buying and selling process. Thanks to the Internet though, interested individuals no longer have to rely on stockbrokers as online platforms have made it easier. As Toronto native Dr. Leslie Griesdorf can attest, there are numerous benefits of using online means,

Dr Leslie Griesdorf

The obvious benefit to trading stocks online is that you have full control of the process. This was one of the disadvantages when stockbrokers had control on the process. Often, they had the power to refuse a trade if the broker thought it was not going to benefit the client. While this saved the client from investing poorly, it also meant they couldn’t take risks that sometimes led to lucrative returns. With an online platform, you get to make all the decisions.

Because stockbrokers relied on their knowledge and years of business school education to help their clients, they charged large commissions on the trades they facilitated. These commissions ate into the clients’ returns. With the dawn of the Internet, many stock brokerage firms compete for clients by offering attractive benefits, including low commissions and appealing technology.

Most importantly, when it comes to online stock trading, you don’t need years of experience to try your hand at it. You just need to be willing to put in the research and time to learn the basics and you are ready to start trading.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist who spends most of his time trading in stocks. He lives in Ontario with his family.